About Satya Sankshema Sangam

Evangelism has its deep roots in India. By the triumphs of many a God’s people Gospel is being reached to the Indians. Besides, the Gospel work, the Christian Missionaries have been taken up the programmers of welfare to the poor in India on Humanitarian grounds for 5 decades long. These Missionaries won the hearts of the poor in India by providing them not only Welfare facilities like homes for older people Orphans, Lepers and widows but also awakening the people from their ignorance of unknowing to God, idol worship as well as Health and Hygiene. India is country of vast population where the people are basically belong to Hindu Religion. To prepare them towards the path of Gospel is not a route, covered by flowers. It’s a path, which is full of thorn. If we aimed to lead them towards Gospel, we ought to enter in to their personal lives. Poverty is a curse of the devil to most of the Indians those who belong to the weaker and down trodden sections of the society. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” Mathew 22:39 Love to mankind and Faith upon Lord are two parallel tracks here to move the Gospel work. We can preach God’s word by implementing welfare measures to the poor in order to win the souls for His kingdom. Mostly, the families those who are being converted in to Christ belong to the downtrodden sector called “Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Classes” as per the Indian constitution. From many generations together, these people remained as helpless and still leading their lives in a state of distress. Especially, the position of older People and children are very worse and they are in a stage of misery. With a motto to spread the Gospel by providing welfare like to constructs permanent houses to the poor, to run Old age homes and children Homes for the said people in distress, to implement programmers for the development of the both rural and urban women by providing them micro funding, The organization has determined to approach donors in the abroad to achieve the long –term objectives of Lord’s path. These generous programmes would surely awake the Gospel un reached people from their previous ignorance and lead them towards the extension of Lord’s kingdom in these last days.