Vision, Mission & Goal

visionVISION, MISSION : Our Vision is to create a just society based on values through a process of education and organization of the people with a basic belief in and respect for the intrinsic worth of man and women with a clear option for the poor and the oppressed GOAL:
  • SSS has its own vision for the forth coming 2020.
  • To build Orphanage Homes wherever necessary in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • No child should be made as child labor, He would be given proper primary education which a born right to the children.
  • A senior citizen should not be left in an Orphaned State. To construct and run maximum number of old age homes.
  • No women should remain neglected and helpless. To provide micro funding to maximum number of groups.
  • Medical facilities to reach to poor & needy and common people.
  • Bio-Diesel should be at the reach of Common man